Master your financial future

Financial independence makes you time rich. Anyone with an income can become financially independent, 






Learn the simple rule of money control

You don’t need complicated spreadsheets with countless formulas. Use the simple rule that every wealthy person employs to get money flowing in the right direction. 

Saving and investing

Identify the hidden money traits in your personality that may be hindering your progress towards money mastery. 

Property Purchases

Guidance on the best approach to conveyancing, investing dealing with builders and understanding a construction loan. If it's got to do with property, we've got you covered.

Eliminate unwanted impulse spending

We'll assist you with strategies and support to help you get onto of your money and move from saving to investing and on to building wealth

Loans, loans and more loans

Don't second guess lending - residential, investment, commercial, business and asset finance - we know about lending.

Buying stuff

It's ok if you don't know a novated lease from a chattel mortgage, we'll help you sort through stuff like that so you don't pay more for things than you have to. 

Insurance, super and SMSF

Ínsurance and super is super boring but it's very important. Don't leave your statements un-opened and your questions un-answered

Direct access to a Money Mentor

We prefer you to email us with your questions but sometimes you've just got to know, so get on the phone and call. If we're not available, leave a message and we'll get straight back.

Access to Expert Financial Guidence

I'm a wife, a mother and a veteran of the financial services industry, committed to teaching you how to manage money wisely.

For less than the cost of a coffee a day

It's not about how much you earn, it's about what you do with what you have. And it's not about your past, it's about moving forward with the lessons you've learnt and achieving more.  

I want YOU to make positive, conscious decisions about Money. To have property and investments behind you, a healthy super balance and the resources to live life on your terms.

Jaeneen Cunningham

Money Mentor

You deserve to live the life of your dreams, free from stress and anxiety about money.




Join us and become Financially Independent

Have a professional on your side to help

make better money decisions

We'll help you...

Everyone has goals in life, and most of them require money to achieve. You have within you, right now, the discipline and ability that you need to achieve financial freedom, to take complete control over your life, and live life on your terms. You just need to learn how. 

Having a Money Mentor on your side will help you make sound decisions about finances and assist you to make better choices with your finances. This helps to eliminate the decisions that cause unnecessary risks and helps to reduce the risks you take in all other matters.


With good money skills, you'll develop a mindset that sets you on auto pilot to achieving your goal of financial freedom.

The time has never been more right than now to take control of your financial future

Become the Master of your financial future

You deserve to live the life of your dreams, free from stress and anxiety about money.

Who Should Join Money Mentor Membership 

This membership is for everyone who wants to improve their financial literacy

You are sick of ‘get rich quick schemes’ that don’t provide any real or practical strategies you can implement now to achieve real results.

You are ready to learn about how you can improve your wealth and money management skills so you can do more for yourself

You want to spend more time doing what you love

You want to learn strategies to craft your dream life

You're sick of being broke and you're ready to start being brave!

General Advice Warning

The information provided by Money Mentor is general in nature. It doesn’t take into account your objectives, personal financial situation or needs. It is educational material to help you make more-informed decisions. We recommend you obtain financial, tax and credit advice specific to your situation before making any investments or financial decisions.