Investment Property

EquityLend has been working with builders and developers for over 10 years. We can assist you in your decision to use newly constructed, residential investment property to build wealth. We'll help you answer the questions that will let you decide whether property is the best investment for you.

During our consultation we:

  • Identify the ways investment property works to help secure your financial future

  • help you find the best way to finance your investment property through innovative lending structures.

  • show you how real estate investing will contribute towards reducing your taxes but we'll discuss issues like negative gearing so you understand its tax effect before you make a decision to proceed. ​​

When you're ready, we investigate areas you can select to construct and we introduce you to the builders who are best suited to your personal style and investment needs and who build properties with quality design features and inclusions to attract premium tenants and make your job as a landlord so much easier. 


Residential real estate has many benefits 


Constructing residential real estate as a form of medium to long-term investment has many proven benefits but it's not without its difficulties.  Our service can save you time and money by streamlining the construction processes and reducing the stress. Our relationship with quality,  mid-sized family builders allows you access to the decision makers and helps get things done. 

EquityLend Property Investment Advice saves you time and money as well as ensuring that investments are best structured for your current needs and future plans.


Talk to us about any Property finance and lending requirements.

Regular Income

regular income from rental returns

Capital Growth

Potential capital growth from rising property vlaues

Tax Savings

Positive tax outcome from negative gearing and expense deductions

Properties with Quality Design Features and Inclusions

Building your wealth with the right advice

Standard inclusions help make your choice easy

Our homes incorporate design features and premium inclusions that attract discerning tenants and quality estate developers alike. These inclusions mean our investment properties:

  • Are well located

  • Attract the premium rent available

  • rent quicker

  • and stay rented