Your Money and your life

Hi there, my name is Jaeneen Cunningham and I help people  become accountable, ditch debt, save money and build real wealth. I'm a Licenced Credit Adviser and I've owned and run multiple businesses since 1998. I've also done the the corporate thing, working for prominent Australian companies including several years at two major banks (Macquarie and Westpac), during this time I was fortunate enough to associate with some inspiring leaders and peers. 

I've made money mistakes too, but I never lost my focus of building long term wealth."

Business is a challenge and despite all I had learnt, I've still managed to make a few money mistakes of my own. But I never lost my focus and I always sought advice from people I trusted and knew had the skills and experience to guide me.

In my many years experience working in finance, the biggest recurring theme I see is that people shy away from the whole money conversation, or they don't involve themselves as much as they should when it comes to finances.

This needs to change. And this is a driving force behind the goals at EquityLend

You owe it to yourself to your finances to a point where you are able to live life on your terms!

My career has focused on banking and finance but I've also been successful in personal and business coaching, consulting and strategy for more than twenty years.


The strategist in me is expert in planning ways to achieve goals that relate, not only to business and personal finance, but also other aspects of life. I've been able to build and run profitable businesses despite major disruptions in the economy and business cycle because I've been fully aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I focus my efforts on my strengths and seek advice and counsel to support my weaknesses. 

As a Licensed Credit Advisor, financial educator and money coach, my goal is to help you take charge of your finances, build real wealth and be in control of the life you really want to live.


Girls just wanna have funds

Complexity is common in almost all of our financial dealings, but often these issues can have simple solutions.

Jaeneen Cunningham