Personal Financial Strategy

Make the most of your finances

The amount of money you earn has nothing to do with how well you manage it. There are people who earn incomes most of us could only dream of  but they still struggle to balance lifestyle and finance and make the most of the important opportunities that are given to them.

Experience teaches us; it's not the money that you  MAKE that's important, it's the money that you KEEP.

It's not the money you make that's important, it's the money that you keep

As women, we owe it to ourselves to get our finances to a point where we are able to live life on our terms!

EquityLend has helped hundreds of customers realise their potential by helping them chart a simple Financial Strategy. Every person who has undertaken this process has found it has given them focus and drive, offering solutions and direction they previously couldn’t see or were lacking: they wished they had done it years ago.


You wouldn’t do something as basic as going on a holiday without an element of planning, your finances are no different. A clear Financial Strategy is a roadmap that directs you along the path to realising your ambitions. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you get there!

Having a goals statement is a brief declaration of your purpose and value. Focusing on your goals will help you move your focus from what you do, to what you want to achieve. Once this is clear, you’ll be able to be more strategic and create costed, timed and detailed activities that will ensure your financial goals are complementary rather than competitive.

Debt and Equity

Used wisely, debt and equity can be the foundation of your wealth; used wrongly and it can be ruinous. There is nothing wrong with debt used to accumulate appreciating assets, you just need to exercise control, know when and what to use it for, and have a strategy to reduce or eliminate the debt. You'll also need to know  how to retire non-productive debt more quickly. 


Having accurate records and benchmarking where you are now to where you would like to be is crucial to ensuring a future of choices and options. Reviewing your personal financial performance to incorporate fluctuations in our income ensures transparency with your figures. Seeing something in black and white makes it very real.


All of us experience highs and lows in cash flow. It’s important to understand when it happens, why it happens and how to manage it. Whether you are a wage earner or in business, a strategy is imperative. If your income increases each year, then use it wisely. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the things you want. It just means think and plan before you spend because you cannot get it back once it’s gone.

What we cover


Initial meeting to gauge how you are feeling with your current circumstances and what you would like to achieve. (1 hour)


Completion of your profile to understand your current asset & liabilities, your income and expenses and your goals for the future. (1 hour)

Financial Profile

A financial personality profile is completed and a report produced. This will give us an indication on how comfortable you feel about each area of your finances and your risk appetite. (online) We meet to go over the report with each customer and discuss with all parties. (1 hour) read more


A report is produced that incorporates your personal and business options for you to achieve your outcomes. It will give you a plan of action to implement and a guide that will set your future and let you have the things you want and desire. (1 hour)