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Are you looking for answers when it comes to the way you use money?

Complexity is common in almost all of our financial dealings, but often these issues can have simple solutions.

Since 1998, we have helped hundreds of happy customers with our unique and personalised service. Our approach to finance empowers you to self-action. We help you to understand the values that govern the way you use money then guide and assist you on a wide range of financial issues.

Working with a MoneyCoach is about having someone who understands how you relate to money and financial issues and then helps you to develop new skills and habits so you can see things from a new perspective.

A MoneyCoach will open your eyes to new ideas about the way you see money. We can point you in the right direction and, when the time is right for you, introduce you to other finance professionals as you need them: bankers, financial planners, accountants, and solicitors.

EquityLend MoneyCoach will provide you with practical ways to know and establish your goals and create a plan of action to get you excited and take you there.

Our customers will tell you, we have extensive experience and insight into a diverse range of financial services and products.

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Talk to us if:

  • you're an organisation looking to improve the well being and productivity of your employees
  • you're a finance professional and want to serve your clients better
  • you're an coach wanting to get to the nub of a client's financial blockage
  • If you're an individual wanting to understand your money habits
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