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"Already I'm inspired by the savings I'm making. It builds so quickly without even realising it. And it makes me try and find extra money out of my budget to put into savings. I thought it would be a lot harder to stay motivated and stop getting distracted by shoes and clothes etc. But it's really not. Now, I'm just so motivated by the end goal, and the fact that it now seems achievable, that its easy to stay disciplined. Having the MoneyMAP Money Personality Diagnostic with you was just what I needed to get the ball rolling!"

Rebecca McConochie
Media and Public Affiars Advisor

"Wow, what an eye opener the MoneyMAP Money Personality Diagnostic was!  While I was excited about getting my results back, I was apprehensive.  It was confronting but also one of the most awesome things I have done.  I now understand Why I act and think like I do in relation to money. But the great thing about the MPD it is that it not only relates to money. I find it applies to my whole way of life.  Since taking the MPD I have a much clearer understanding and focus on every part of my life - because I understand, accept and work with my personality.  Thanks EquityLend - a fantastic investment"

Toni Graetz
Stones Corner

"I considered the MoneyMAP Money Personality Diagnostic as a trial with the view of its potential to be a resource for some of my executive clients. I gained so much out of the debrief with Jaeneen myself that I realised it's potential for myself personally (and I thought I was already doing a pretty good job with my finances and investments).

I've since referred several clients who have also raved about the insights and value they've gained from the whole financial diagnostic and detailed debriefing process. I strongly recommend this to any one who is serious about taking charge of their financial future!"

Josie Thomson MCC
Accellerated Excellence Coaching

"The Finance Workshop was excellent, highly informative, entertaining and motivating. The WAIT system is fabulous!"

Lisa Cotterell
Griffith University
Nathan Qld

Over the past  six years I have purchased three homes and sold two. EquityLend have always been able to offer rates and solutions that were great for my situation. There has never been a problem with any part of the process and if an issue arose, Jaeneen quickly took care of things and kept me informed. All I ever did was sit back while Jaeneen organised everything from application to settlement.

It has been a pleasure to watch the operation of EquityLend grow and expand over the last six years no doubt a result of Jaeneen's constant dedication to her new and existing clients.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Equitylend Finance Solutions to anyone.

Kenny Law
Finance Manager
Coolangatta Surf Club - Queensland

"When I started with EquityLend I owned two properties. With their help my portfolio has grown to eight. They take all the hassle out of my finances so I can do what I do best - grow my business"

Kerry McEvoy
Australian Institute of Fitness
Gold Coast 

"The EquityLend process allowed us to create a vision for the future and then helped us create a plan to achieve it"

Jack Perlinski

"EquityLend were fantastic to deal with. They're efficient, knowledgeable and found solutions for us well beyond our expectations - In fact, their solutions were exceptional!"

Michael Howe
Quality Hotels Burke and Wills

"They were always approachable and understanding. Before meeting EquityLend, the idea of buying a house was very daunting and intimidating. To have this process simplified was a huge relief! All of a sudden buying a home was exciting! Thank you for helping me to achieve such an enormous goal - you have been fantastic!"

Felicity Dore
Sales Executive
Gold Coast

"I am convinced that without EquityLend I would still be doing what most other prospective property investors are doing......just talking about it! I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about starting or adding to an investment property portfolio in South East Queensland." 

Darren Steele
McCormick Europe
London UK

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