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"Money is much more than an economic necessity, it is one of the most powerful motivators of human behaviour."

Discover the attitudes and feelings which make an impact on how you:earn, spend, save and invest with MoneyMAP

Your attitudes towards money are developed over time. Your parents, friends, work colleagues will all have had some influence on the way you relate to and use money. Whether you realise it or not, you are the one who has translated all that influence and experience into your present financial behaviour: you have established your present financial attitude.

Knowing those attitudes - your money personality - the money traits which make you a unique individual - can be the difference between being master of your finances or constantly feeling out of control. The sooner you understand your money personality, the sooner you can take charge of your finances.

Have you ever wondered why some individuals:

  • do better with their investments than you do?
  • seem to make more confident financial decisions than others?
  • are in control of their money while others let their money control them?

"We've found the most effective way to work with our clients is to truly understand their needs instead of imposing our own, or what we think most important. Using the Money personality diagnostic helps us truly understand who our clients are, how they think and feel about their money and what they most want to achieve."

Josie Thomson Master Certified Coach (ICF)
Accelerated Excellence

The MoneyMAP system will enable you to look at how your personality affects the way you use your money and the satisfaction you get from it. If you know who you are and what you need to be most satisfied, you'll begin to understand why you save, spend and invest the way you do.

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