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Improve employee satisfaction and workplace productivity

Whether your organisation is big or small, providing financial literacy education to your employees as part of your commitment to staff training and personal development, is a rock solid way of ensuring that they spend their time at work focusing on their job...and not on their finances.

If your employees are overly concerned or unnecessarily distressed about their finances, they will be less productive. 

EquityLend MoneyCoach offers a unique workshop that is fun, educational and motivating. The workplace is a great environment to learn about important concepts in finance because it is where we are all faced with decisions on how to manage our pay, superannuation, and other benefits.

Employer Benefits

Running a Workshop can:

  • make your business an even more attractive workplace
  • improve commitment and reduce absenteeism of workers
  • increase productivity by reducing employee stress surrounding their finances
  • be seen as a leadership organisation

Employee Benefits

Employees benefit from financial literacy through:

  • Improved knowledge, behaviour and attitude
  • increased levels of financial wellness
  • increased satisfaction with company, career and pay

The "You and Your Money" Workshop is practical, light and enjoyable. There is no need for your staff to have any knowledge of complex maths or arithmetic. They will be engaged and see how simple changes to the way they approach money can get their finances moving forward.

"The workshop was excellent, highly informative, entertaining and motivating. The WAIT system is fabulous"

Lisa Cotterell
Griffith University Alumni Association

"I thought it would be a lot harder to stay motivated and not get distracted. The Money Personality Diagnostic was just what I needed"

Rebecca McConochie
Brisbane Airports Corporation

Employers who embrace work–life balance programs attract and retain quality staff. In turn these staff have a greater commitment and loyalty to the employer. Genuine work–life balance is about creating supportive, healthy workplaces for employees so they can better integrate their work and personal responsibilities. Taking a more holistic approach to employee wellness as a way of improving productivity is catching at many leading companies, the most forward thinking are doing it now.

Contact us today to find out how your workplace can benefit from our Workshops.


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