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Truly understand how your clients think and feel about money and the things they most want to achieve

You know coaching is both a process and a partnership.

We see on a daily basis how coaching turns gifted athletes into world-class champions. But even the best coaches turn to specialists to overcome limiting behaviours in their charges.

When you have identified a blockage in your client's progress that relates to money or finance you need a specialist MoneyCoach.

A facilitated MoneyMAP Money Personality Diagnostic will deliver unquestioned value and insight to any coach-client relationship. The depth of awareness that MoneyMAP delivers can offer your client a clarity and self-awareness that will enable greater outcomes through focus and accountability and greatly improve the coaching process.

The knowledge MoneyMAP provides allows you to offer your client more focused attention . Knowing your client’s Money Personality will enable you to better understand your client's needs and overcome the obstacles that relate to finance and money. 

Use MoneyMAP to "truly understand who your clients are, how they think and feel about their money and what they most want to achieve." Gain a deeper understanding of the money relationship between spouses and business partners and earn ongoing custom and advocacy from your clients.

"I considered MoneyMAP as a trial with the view of its potential to be a resource for some of my executive clients. I gained so much from it that I realised it's potential for myself personally. I've referred several clients who have also raved about the insights and value they've gained from the detailed debriefing process. I strongly recommend MoneyMAP to any one serious about taking charge of their financial future!"

Josie Thomson Certified Master Coach (ICF)
Accelerated Excellence

The Process

1. Your Client Accesses Website
With MoneyMAP Password

4. Your Client Debriefs with MoneyCoach

2. Your client completes online MoneyMAP Questionnaire

3. We prepare and review MoneyMAP report

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