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know your client as well as you know your numbers

As a finance professional you're good at what you do. You know your numbers but how well do you really know what drives your client: what drives their decisions concerning risk, investment and savings?

Know your client's innate money attitudes and improve your understanding of what drives their investment decisions

The MoneyMAP Money Personality Diagnostic measures attitudes on thirteen financial traits. It will give you insight into whether your clients are Participants or Spectators when it comes to money. You will discover how their attitude to finance and investment is intrinsically tied into their personality framework.

The Money Personality Diagnostic (MPD) does not give investment advice. It presents investment and risk preferences to the client and the adviser. The success of the MPD relates to the fact that the client is alerted to behaviours that may be innate. It helps both you and your client understand their financial behaviours and preferences: behaviours towards money that do not change during a lifetime that are critical to building long-term financial planning and investment decisions. Recognition of these behaviours allows you to guide your clients in making more committed decisions and can greatly improve financial planning outcomes.

Every customer has a unique financial personality. Understand this, improve your relationship with them and improve advice performance.

"We've found the most effective way to work with our clients is to truly understand their needs instead of imposing our own, or what we think most important. Using the Money Personality Diagnostic helps us truly understand who our clients are, how they think and feel about their money and what they most want to achieve."

Josie Thomson Certified Master Coach (ICF)

Accelerated Excellence

The Process

1. Your Client Accesses Website
With MoneyMAP Password

4. Client Debriefs with MoneyCoach

2. Client Completes MoneyMAP Online Questionnaire

3. We prepare and review your Client's MoneyMAP profile

Start discovering the Financial Personality of your clients and experience the benefit and depth of knowledge that MoneyMAP will bring to your practice and service.

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